Without Promotion On YouTube, Is YouTube Channel Growth Possible?

A YouTube channel is about getting more views, subscribers, likes, and comments. YouTube is one of the largest platforms in the world, and the traffic here has not gone down in a long time, and it will not reduce in the future either. Why? It is because YouTube is easily the biggest video-sharing platform worldwide. YouTube receives more than 3 million videos daily from YouTubers who post every day. 3 million videos. Can you imagine how much content that is? YouTube is the hub for video content of all sorts. Like every other social media platform, YouTube also has its own set of tips and tricks through which people can grow faster. However, it is just not that easy. People post content regularly daily and still need a spike in followers and views. What are they doing differently from the ones who post once or twice a week yet have thousands and lakhs of followers? Do not fall for the lie that people always grow on YouTube organically. Many people get followers and views by buying them online, and as easy as this might seem, it’s not as rewarding as getting followers and views organically using the right methods. One can grow their YouTube channel or brand, or company on YouTube in many different ways, but promotion is one very important factor that people often seem to underestimate. Just know that the competition of this platform is immense, and hence, things will take a lot of work for you to get. Your one video that gets posted has over 600 competitions. So, you have to take promotion very seriously to reach out to more and more people. Promotions are a great way to make your videos and content stand out and be noticed by the right people, aka the target audience. Now, you can always promote your channel organically or use websites. That is your call. 

Tips On How To Promote Your YouTube Channel? 


  1. Make Sure To Pick The Right Keywords

The keyword game can be tricky, but it is just as important. The better the SEO, the better the visibility of your channel. Considering user intent when searching is also an initial step toward successful SEO. People browse for videos using Google in addition to YouTube. And for many requests, Google now gives video more preference and importance over other kinds of content. Which keywords will boost your YouTube video’s performance has no developed criteria. The process of reverse engineering, however, can be quite helpful. Using tools like the Google Ads Keyword Planner to find interesting and prospective keywords can be one great way to get relevant keywords. You can also analyze each keyword’s Search Engine Results Page. 


  1. Use Evocative and Crisp Titles

The first thing anyone watching your video will see is the title. Hence, it automatically becomes the most important thing in a video. If viewers do not find the title appealing, they will not even bother opening the video to look at what’s in it. It’s done and dusted for them right there. Be succinct and stick to your point with the title. Make sure you place your keywords slightly early in the title because people nowadays have the attention span of a goldfish, and you can lose them faster than you’d think. Not all interesting and captivating material is bait. The most successful headlines emphasize an apparent advantage or elicit an emotional or psychological reaction. Although intriguing, clickbait could negatively impact the long-lasting reputation of your channel.


  1. Put Efforts In The Description Of Your YouTube Video

Again, we’d like to point out that whether we are talking about titles or the description section of your videos, keywords are just as crucial because of SEO. In the description, most information and content get hidden under the “Show More” button after the first few words. Hence, the most engaging and interesting information must be written in the first 100-150 words. If you still need to, create a playlist of your videos, and make sure you add the link to that playlist in the description so they do not have to look for it. Add relevant and right hashtags, and ensure you do not use hashtags that YouTube does not allow. 


  1. Get Involved In Your Community.

Finding what you’re good at, aka your niche, on YouTube and developing the audience is the secret to success and one of the most important aspects. Follow channels that have similar demographics for audiences to the ones you manage. View, appreciate, and distribute their material. Leave constructive and helpful remarks or notice their existence in your films. This will enable you to gain an improved knowledge of what other businesses are doing and may additionally open up new audiences for you.

So, these were some of the best and most sought-after ways to promote YouTube channel organically to reach out to Kore and more people. Long story short, reaching out to people, especially the right people, is a very big challenge to grow on YouTube, and hence, you must always try to promote your channel as much as possible. I hope this was beneficial to you.