Creative Biostructure Launches Structured Illumination Microscopy Service for Enhanced Imaging Capabilities

Creative Biostructure, a leading provider of innovative imaging solutions, is pleased to announce the launch of its new Structured Illumination Microscopy (SIM) service. This cutting-edge imaging technique offers enhanced resolution and imaging capabilities, allowing researchers to visualize biological samples with unprecedented detail.


Structured Illumination Microscopy is a super-resolution imaging technique that overcomes the limitations of traditional light microscopy. By using patterned illumination and sophisticated image processing algorithms, SIM can achieve resolutions beyond the diffraction limit of light, enabling researchers to observe structures as small as 100 nanometers.


“With the launch of our SIM service, we are excited to offer researchers a powerful tool for studying biological samples at the nanoscale,” said Joanna, the chief marketing staff at Creative Biostructure. “SIM provides enhanced resolution and imaging capabilities, allowing researchers to explore the intricate details of cellular structures and molecular interactions.”


The SIM service offered by Creative Biostructure includes Ultra-high resolution Fluorescence microscopy imaging service for tubulin in living cells (Green Fluorescence)/ lysosomes in living cells (Deep Red Fluorescence/Orange Fluorescence)/ mitochondria in living cells (Deep Red Fluorescence)/ nuclei in living cells (Deep Red Fluorescence).


The service is to help obtain the super-resolution images of cytoplasmic filaments, mammalian nuclei, nuclear chromatin, nuclear fiber layer, nuclear pore complex, and other mammalian subcellular structure.


Key features and benefits of Creative Biostructure‘s SIM service


Enhanced Resolution: SIM provides a resolution that is approximately two times higher than conventional light microscopy, allowing researchers to visualize fine details and structures that were previously inaccessible.


Fast Imaging Speed: SIM captures images quickly, enabling researchers to study dynamic processes in real-time.


Compatibility with Various Fluorescent Labels: SIM is compatible with a wide range of fluorescent labels, allowing researchers to study specific molecules and cellular components with high specificity.


Non-invasive Imaging: SIM is a non-invasive imaging technique that minimizes phototoxicity and sample damage, making it suitable for live-cell imaging and long-term observations.


Comprehensive Data Analysis: Creative Biostructure’s SIM service includes comprehensive data analysis, ensuring that researchers receive accurate and reliable results.


“We are committed to providing our clients with the most advanced imaging technologies and services,” added Joanna. “Our SIM service is designed to meet the needs of researchers in various fields, including cell biology, neuroscience, and drug discovery.”


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