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Desperately seeking Prince Philip’s fantasy car insurer

British values | Duke of Edinburgh | Engagement rings | Personal anniversaries | Men shaving

The most shocking comment to feature in the Ofsted report of one “inadequate” Steiner academy was that “Pupils’ understanding of fundamental British values is underdeveloped” (Report, 17 January). Would these be the British values currently being demonstrated in our parliament? Perhaps Damian Hinds could elucidate for us.
Sheila Mapson

• Perhaps we could be told which company insured Prince Philip’s car (Report, 19 January). I would like to be insured by a company that provides a brand new replacement car if my own car were to be written off in an accident and I had the good fortune to be uninjured.
John Loosley
Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset

• As a northern, working-class, war baby, my memory tells me that engagement rings were bought to confirm the acceptance of a marriage proposal (Letters, 19 January). Often they were not afforded, as in the case of my parents.
Olive Brookes
Barnsley, South Yorkshire

• A reading of John Crace’s notable anniversaries (Digested week, 19 January) reminded me that my wife and I met on 11 September 2001, got engaged seconds after Stockport County’s play-off victory in 2008, and set off on our water-based adventures the day of the Brexit vote in 2016. We currently have no plans for 29 March but we’re open to suggestions.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal

• John Crace, in mentioning Gillette’s latest ad, reminds me of a conversation many years ago with a three-year-old nephew. Me: What do you want to be when you grow up? Him: a man of course. Me: What do men do? Him: Shave and watch TV.
Jennifer Henley

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