Property For Rent in Dubai Creek Harbour: Is It A Great Choice For Living?

Every area in Dubai possesses its own unique charm and vibe, and Dubai Creek Harbour is no exception. Serving as the new heart of Dubai, it boasts twice the size of Downtown Dubai and offers a plethora of amenities to its residents. In this article, we aim to cover everything you need to know before renting a property in Dubai Creek Harbour – The Lagoons.

Pros of Living in Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai Creek Harbour provides a distinctive living experience with exceptional city views. It’s a mixed-use development, featuring a variety of shopping malls and more. Location plays a significant role in choosing an investment, and Dubai Creek Harbour’s prime location in Dubai makes it an ideal investment opportunity. It offers a waterfront lifestyle and easy connectivity to various places. Families will appreciate the presence of exceptional schools like Blue Bird and Repton School, among others. Dubai Creek Harbour’s vast size, double that of the city center, makes it an attractive destination.

Types of Properties in Dubai Creek Harbour

In Dubai Creek Harbour, you can readily find 1-4 bedroom apartments and townhouses of varying sizes and amenities. The average rental price for a 1-bedroom apartment ranges from AED 66,000 to approximately AED 120,000.

Why Dubai Creek Harbour Is a Great Choice for Living?

Dubai Creek Harbour’s expansive size, equivalent to twice that of Downtown Dubai, offers a wide range of amenities. It serves as a tourist attraction with high-end entertainment facilities and restaurants, making it an excellent choice for living.

Is Dubai Creek Harbour a Good Investment?

Dubai Creek Harbour offers exceptional Return on Investment (ROI), making it a highly lucrative investment opportunity in Dubai.

What Is Special About Dubai Creek Harbour?

The breathtaking views of the Dubai skyline and the unique waterfront living experience set Dubai Creek Harbour apart as an exceptional place to reside.


Dubai Creek Harbour emerges as an enticing choice for residents and investors alike. Its size, prime location, and diverse amenities make it a standout in Dubai’s landscape. With exceptional ROI potential and stunning waterfront living, it epitomizes the allure of modern Dubai living. So, do you want to rent a property in Dubai Creek Harbour? Contact AZCO Real Estate Brokers LLC now!