Best Bulk Cat6 Cables to Buy: Cat6 Plenum and Riser

There are only a handful of ethernet cables that are affordable, high-performing, and easy to use. Bulk Cat6 ethernet cables are one of the only few. The Cat6 riser and Cat6 plenum are the best bulk Cat6 cables to buy.

Exactly what are these bare copper cables 1000ft and how to buy them? This is the topic of this blog. Keep reading till the end to learn to buy top 1000ft Cat6 ethernet cables.

Bulk Cat6 Ethernet Cables

Bulk Cat6 ethernet cables come in two main types. Cat6 plenum cable and Cat6 riser cable. Both of these are the same when you look at them from the conductor side, but they are drastically different otherwise.

For instance, the jackets of both cables are made from different materials and are designed for different use cases.

We will discuss the types of cables later but first, let’s talk about the performance of the category 6 cables.

At up to 100 meters, 1000ft Cat6 cables will transfer data at up to 1 GBit/s. The bandwidth capacity of these cables is a voluminous 550 MHz.

But if you run these cables at below 500 meters of length, you can even achieve 10 GBit/s speeds.

Such high speeds with a significant bandwidth capacity are enough to cater to all kinds of ethernet applications. And the cables are bare copper,  you can use PoE as well.

Buy Cat6 Plenum Cable

The Cat6 plenum cable comes with a CMP jacket that is built to last. This cable can be run in indoor horizontal spaces. It is designed to resist high temperatures to avoid any fire hazards.

In case of fire hazards, the cable jacket does not carry the flame and it does not emit toxic smoke either.

Moreover, the Cat6 plenum cable can also be installed outdoors. The jacket of the cable is quite durable and it stands well in harsh weather conditions.

Buying the Cat6 plenum cable is easy. It has 23 AWG bare copper conductors that are well-suited for high-performance. You can choose the cable with this gauge for all applications.

Buy Cat6 Riser Cable

The Cat6 riser cable is just as good as its plenum counterpart. It comes with a riser jacket that is highly resistant to fire. However, in case of catching flame, it can emit toxic smoke.

So due attention must be given to it while installing. In fact, you should never install this cable in indoor open spaces. Only enclosed spaces such as walls and elevator shafts are recommended for this cable.

Buy Cat6 riser cable if you want an affordable yet highly efficient ethernet cable. It has the same performance specifications as any other. But it performs better than Cat5e.

Bare Copper Cable 1000ft

Both of these Cat6 cables available to buy are produced with bare copper conductors. That is why sometimes these cables are referred to as bare copper cable 1000ft. The benefit of using bare copper bulk cables is their quality.

100% pure copper in its nature is a highly conductive material. When used in ethernet cables, it delivers blazing speed performance with minimum interference.

Moreover, it is easy to install. Its ductility and malleability make it easy to handle.

Where to Buy Bulk Cat6 Pure Copper Cables?

You can buy bulk Cat6 cables online for highly affordable rates. If you can find a reliable vendor, you can even get free shipping and a product warranty as well.

We recommend looking up ethernet cables near me. That way, you will find the best ethernet cable sellers who are close to your location.

Just be sure about one thing: that is, buy from a renowned ethernet cable seller. Because you install these cables once. Rewiring your home or office entirely can be a huge hassle. So to be on the safe side, buy good cables from a good seller.

Which Cat6 Do I Need?

This question is quite common. We get it all the time. If you are also unsure which Cat6 ethernet cable bulk you need, read on.

For indoor runs, you can choose between the riser and the plenum. You need the Cat6 plenum cable for indoor horizontal installations. And the Cat6 riser cable for vertical installations.

For outdoor runs,  there are outdoor cables. Such as direct burial Cat6. these cables, you can bury them directly. They come with a gel-filled jacket that makes them highly resilient to outdoor harsh conditions.

You can also use the Cat6 plenum or riser for outdoor runs. Just be sure to run these cables through a duct.


So. Are you now ready to buy Bulk Cat6 Cables? Remember, buying bare copper 1000ft ethernet cables is the first step to establishing a great wired LAN network. The second step and most important step is installation. So be sure to install your Cat6 bare copper cables properly.